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USD Checkwriting Program
In addition to managing all your checking accounts use the USD Checkwriter
Program to take payments from your clientsí checking account over the phone!
Your customer calls you to make a payment or purchase
over the phone
Your customer wants to pay by check
He says he will send the check by mail. "Yeah Right! "
You instead tell the customer to hold on, you have a better
way. There is no need to get an envelope, pay for a stamp,
waste a trip to the post office and mail your check. Instead,
you follow these steps.
Open the USD Checkwriter
Choose to create a draft
Enter the customers name, bank routing number and account number
Enter the dollar amount and payable to
Insert USD blank draft stock into your printer
Click PRINT and out comes your client's draft
Simply deposit this draft into your bank account
Your customer ask you "But don't you need my signature on the draft?"
Tell him NOPE! Where you normally would sign, instead it prints in big bold letters "NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED" and every bank accepts this.
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Beautiful Sprouts



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